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Sole-lutions Footwear has a long tradition to look back on. Since its establishment, we have enlarged and modernized our store several times. Our range of products has also changed gradually to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Over the years, we have added some highly qualified members to our team - for example, our salespeople to help you select the best possible footwear for your needs, or our purchasing team, which regularly combs trade shows in search of the latest trends and developments to incorporate them into our quality lineup of footwear and footcare products.  

Stuart Pressman is a licensed certified Orthotist and Pedorthist. He has been in practice of making custom orthotics and helping patients with footwear since 1991. Mr. Pressman has been a hands on owner throughout his career. He oversees and trains all his employees and believes in continuous learning. His 100+ certificates of participation in learning and teaching is a testimonial to that. He has served on the Board of the Pedorthic Footcare Association for 12 years. His passion for his career always shines through. Mr Pressman is also an inventor. One of his products, Press Wrap Pro is a testimonial to that (www.PressWrap.com). 


Stuart Pressman  is available by appointment and there is a  professional assesment fee if you strictly want his service. Otherwise, you may choose to be serviced by one of his personally trained expert staff, UNDER HIS SUPERVISION, at no additional fee. 


Tony Jr has been selling childrens shoes most of his life. With two children of his own, he is very attentive to gait patterns for flat feet, over pronations, as well as over supination. Now in the world of adult footwear he has learned new techniques of fitting arch supports, support stockings, foot care products, and a vast array of shoes, sneakers, and sandals for all types of foot conditions. 

Kamilla has been with Sole-lutions for quite a while and will help you find and fit you for all your footwear needs. She is a no pressure, pleasent person to work with to achive the best outcomes. Kamilla is fluent is Spanish and Portugese.  You can feel comfortable speaking with her in any of her three languages. Of course she also understands the universal language of making your feet fell better no matter where you are from! 

 Bernie Sloan is our resident "Shoeologist!" He is like a dad to Stuart and happens to be great friends with Stuart's dad. Bernie, a native of Chicago, has been in the footwear industry since Washington crossed the deleware! Just kidding. He has been in the footwear industry for 65+ years and has tons of tips for great shoe fit and wear. He has taught us all somthing and continues to do so. As a volunteer at Sole-lutions, his help is priceless. He is at Sole-ltions one or two days per week keeping the rest of us in line. 


Daniel, Stuart's handsome nephew lends a hand whenever he is off from college. He is the nicest tennage you'll ever meet. He is attentive to your needs and is a happy guy. He is the definition of Integrity and will see to it that all your needs are met. He is learning from his uncle "Dr Foot," after all!   

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